Cook an Italian vegan feast at home

Every time we take a poll and ask what your favorite cuisine is, the overwhelming response is always Italian.

So for the March issue of Vegan Food & Living, we’re helping you cook an Italian feast, filled with vegan twists on all the classic dishes, from pizza to pasta and risotto to tiramisu.

Plus, we’re getting creative with tofu to dispel the myth that it lacks flavor and is difficult to cook, and we’re turning to our freezers to whip up delicious recipes that make the most of frozen vegetables.

If you follow a gluten-free diet in addition to being vegan, we also have great sweet and savory dishes to brighten up your repertoire. Plus, CBBC’s Omari McQueen joins us to whip up treats the whole family will enjoy.

Plus, we explore why fermented foods are so good for us, celebrate International Women’s Day with five amazing women who are helping to make the world a better place for vegans everywhere, and share 5 top tips for living more sustainably. without spending a penny.

Finally, Earthling Ed joins us in exploring the real impact of human exploitation within slaughterhouses.

Find all this and more in the March issue of Vegan Food & Living.