Chris Paul says vegan diet gave him more stamina, less pain

Chris Paul said switching to a plant-based diet in 2019 improved his performance and reduced muscle soreness after hard training, according to GQ.

The 37-year-old NBA veteran said he’s seen so many benefits from eating vegan that he’s stuck with it this offseason, when eating healthy is even more important to keep his energy.

“When I first went plant-based it was for performance purposes, but once I saw how my body had changed and how I felt it was for life” , he told GQ. “Years ago, I probably wouldn’t even have gone out to run with my kids and all the other activities because my body would hurt.”

Now he says he is able to spend more time with his family and still has the energy to lift weights.

A typical meal day for Paul involves a big breakfast, with a medley of veggies and Just Egg, Beyond Meat sausage patties, fruit and vitamins. He said he also liked pancakes. For lunch, he will have a salad, a bowl of vegetables with rice, and a protein shake. Dinner is a chef-prepared mix of beans, greens, and nutrient-dense vegetables.

Paul told GQ that the hardest foods to give up were fried chicken and pulled pork, and said his pre-game meal before going vegan would often be a burger or chicken wings and fries.

Other professional athletes who claim a plant-based diet has boosted their athletic performance include Venus Williams, Alex Morgan, Kyrie Irving and Nate Diaz. And others, including Tom Brady, swear by a mostly plant-based diet for peak athleticism.