Chef Frank Kraemer advocates holistic vegan diet for ultimate New Years challenge

Successfully achieve better health and fitness for the New Year with Chef Frank.

Postmenopausal women struggling to improve their health and fitness are called upon to join Chief Frank’s Ultimate New Years Challenge. This program includes five practical steps to better health and wellness without resorting to restrictive meal plans and excessive exercise. The challenge begins January 4 next year, but preparations begin in December.

“By adopting a whole plant-based lifestyle, you are providing your body with nutrient-dense foods that naturally improve health and fitness, all without counting calories or controlling portions,” says Chef Frank Kraemer , an award-winning chef in New York and the founder of Eat Like a Vegan Chef.

Chef Frank is a strong advocate of a simple, clean, plant-based lifestyle. Throughout his impressive career, he has helped thousands of women over 50 regain their health, gain a positive body image, and adopt a plant-based lifestyle. Its 2022 New Year’s Challenge is designed to inspire more people to take charge of their health.

What sets Chef Frank’s programs apart are his live group coaching sessions and live cooking demonstrations. These live sessions are performed regularly, several times a week.

It currently offers three programs: Recipes Unlimited, Plant-Based Wellness Blueprint and Platinum Wellness Coaching Program. Each program provides access to Chef Frank’s inspired recipes, cooking demonstrations and more.

Learn how to live an all-plant lifestyle and take on the challenge with Chef Frank here:

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