Mallika Sherawat, the popular Bollywood babe, made a strong comeback on the big screen with Rajat Kapoor’s RK/RKay. Although Mallika has been in the industry for about 20 years and has acted in many films of different genres, she is mostly remembered for her glamorous roles.

According to reports from Times Of India, Mallika has already given us fitness goals with her pictures in different yoga poses and now she is looking to lead the vegan movement in India. Being vegan means avoiding all kinds of animal products, including milk and dairy products. It’s one step further from being vegetarian because typical milk-derived products like yogurt, ghee, butter, and cheese are also excluded from the diet. Mallika’s love of vegan food comes from her favorite high-end vegan that she craves.

Her vegan diet includes lots of fresh green salads in raw form, which is usually her favorite lunch with a glass of vegan smoothie. Hot lemon water is the first thing she consumes after waking up. When it comes to healthy dessert, she goes for dates. Thai green curry made with coconut milk is his all-time favourite.

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