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Brazilian vegan meat giant takes over 4 Los Angeles restaurants for 4 weeks

Brazilian plant-based food tech company Future Farm is launching a series of restaurant buyouts in Los Angeles to put more plant-based meat on menus. The brand is teaming up with Italian grocery store Ggiata, pizzeria Prince Street Pizza, baseball-themed cafe Cofax and burger restaurant Golden State to curate plant-based dishes that will be available until […]

Court suspends ban on vegan ‘meat’ in France, finding it ‘unjustified’

France’s highest court has overturned the recent controversial ban on plant-based meat conditions proposed by the government in early July. The ban, which was due to come into effect in October 2022, meant that French producers could no longer use words such as “saucais”, “bacon” and “steak” to describe plant-based meat substitutes – with the […]

Global Plant-based Vegan Meat Market Outlook 2022 to 2029 | Kellogg’s, Hormel Foods, New Wave Foods, Beyond Meat, Kraft Foods – This is Ardee

The Market Research Intellect recently revealed an expert research report titled “Plant-Based Vegan Meat Market – Latest Trends and Drivers 2022with premium information that encompasses the company’s market size, and therefore current patterns, dangers, conceivable results, and early segments. The market research sheds light on the vital growth momentum that is expected to prevail over […]

Navy to test vegan meat on at least 2 US bases

The US Navy may soon test a three-year pilot program that will put plant-based meat on soldiers’ menus, especially in areas where animal meat is expensive and hard to find. The pilot program is part of a provision recently added to the National Defense Authorization Act of 2023 (NDAA). Submitted by House Representative Elissa Slotkin […]

Navy may be required to serve vegan meat on some bases

A provision inserted into the House version of the 2023 defense budget bill could require the Navy to serve Beyond Burgers or Gardein at a number of forward bases. The amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act for fiscal year 2023 would create a pilot program by March 2023 to provide “vegetable protein options” at […]

Vegan Meat Alternatives Market Reaches New Heights, Advanced Technologies Help Leading Players Increase Their Net Worth: Danone SA, Conagra, Inc., The Hain Celestial Group

Insight Vegan Meat Substitutes Market 2022 Forecast to 2028 research provides accurate information economic, global and national forecasts and analysis. It provides a comprehensive perspective of the competitive market along with in-depth supply chain analysis to help companies identify major shifts in industry practices. The market report also examines the current status of Vegan Meat […]

Why vegan meat substitutes aren’t the way to fight climate change – Stephen Jardine

Vertical farming is an efficient way to grow vegetables (Photo: Angela Weiss/AFP via Getty Images) Less than two per cent of UK adults follow a vegan diet, according to the latest figures from market research firm Minitel. But walk down the High Street and you’d be forgiven for thinking the real number is at least […]

Strategic Assessments of the Vegan Meat Substitutes Market 2022-Danone SA, Conagra, Inc., The Hain Celestial Group – Designer Women

Global market for vegan meat substitutes The 2022 Sizing research report offers an in-depth assessment of revenue growth, market definition, segmentation, industry potential, influential trends to understand the future prospects and current prospects of the market. This study provides information on the sales and revenue over the historical and forecast period of (2022 to 2028). […]

Danone SA, Conagra, Inc., The Hain Celestial Group – Designer Women

Insight Vegan Meat Substitutes Market 2022 Forecast to 2028 research provides accurate information economic, global and national forecasts and analysis. It provides a comprehensive perspective of the competitive market along with in-depth supply chain analysis to help companies identify major shifts in industry practices. The market report also examines the current industry status of the […]

Savor the tastes, textures and smells of vegan meat

Reading time: 4 minutes Most understand the environmental issues associated with the meat industry, but we love the taste. This could be a best of both worlds solution. For millions of Americans, part of the fun of warming up summer temperatures is outdoor barbecues; cooking burgers while the kids splash around in the pool, grilling […]

Body is less able to absorb protein from vegan ‘meat’, study finds

According to a new study, the proteins in plant-based meat substitutes may not be as accessible to human cells as those in real meat. While protein-rich plants, such as soybeans, are commonly used around the world, researchers, including those at Ohio State University in the US, say there is no It’s not clear how much […]

Plant-based ‘meat’ brings home bacon for £150m

A ndy Shovel’s start-up THIS had spent £100,000 and a year perfecting the perfect plant-based chicken cuts when he and co-founder Pete Sharman approached their first venture capitalist to raise the funds needed to start production. Shovel nervously offered a taste of the THIS Isn’t Chicken Pieces prototype to a vegan billionaire investor and waited […]

Global Vegan Meat Market 2022 – Detailed Market Analysis by Product Types, Application Types, Sales Channels, Forecast 2022-2030, and Key Players Analysis – Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Maple Foods Leaf

The main objective of this research report is to help stakeholders better understand global vegan meat market in terms of the challenges, definition, influential trends, market potential and segmentation that the industry may face in the coming years. Extensive analysis and research have been conducted in the preparation of this research report. Readers will be […]

The 9 Best Protein-Rich Vegan Meat Substitutes

The best vegan meat alternatives are high in protein and low in sodium and non-nutritious filler ingredients. Image Credit: Rocky89/E+/GettyImages In this article Many whole grains, fruits and vegetables are the building blocks of a nutritious plant-based diet. And these days, there are so many vegan “meat” substitutes that not only taste great in recipes, […]

Spending by vegan meat market giants set to skyrocket: Barbara’s Bakery, Plamil Foods, WhiteWave Foods

This press release was originally distributed by SBWire New Jersey, USA – (SBWIRE) – 11/06/2022 – The latest published study of the global vegan meat market by AMA Research assesses the market size, trend and forecast to 2027. Vegan Meat Market study covers important research data and evidence to be a handy reference document for […]

Vegan Meat Alternatives Market 2022: Report Shares Analysis

Vegan alternatives to meat The latest Vegan Meat Substitutes Market report provides a comprehensive overview of important industry features including production, market growth rate, industry share, consumption value and volume, demand for specific types of products and services, etc. The publication focuses on providing a competitive edge to industry newcomers and those aiming to enter […]

Starbucks India adds vegan meat to the menu for the first time

Starbucks India has partnered with Imagine Meats to launch its first vegan menu. Founded by Bollywood actors Genelia and Riteish Deshmukh last year, Imagine Meats offers several plant-based products in stores across India. These include his Mutton Seekh Kebab, Chicken Keema and Spicy Sausage. The brand has developed three new options for Starbucks, including a […]

The herbivorous butcher shows you how to make his vegan meat in the first cookbook

Aubry and Kale Walch, the siblings behind The Herbivorous Butcher, will release their first cookbook this fall. The simply titled The herbivorous butcher’s cookbook will show readers how to make the vegan meats the Minneapolis-based company is famous for, including chicken, Porterhouse steak, deli meats, and more. The book offers more than 75 recipes for […]

How Chef Derek Sarno Turned 400 Pounds of Mushrooms Into Vegan Meat at Austin’s Top Barbecue Fest

Derek Sarno was the only vegan chef invited to perform at this year’s Hot Luck Festival in Austin, TX, and he came to play. The festival is hosted by Aaron Franklin, the owner of Austin-based Franklin Barbecue and one of the nation’s top barbecue masters, and brings together top chefs to participate in live cooking […]

Redefining vegan meat – a new breed of high-tech ‘alternative meat’ is winning over carnivores

The late chef, writer and journalist Anthony Bourdain was not one to mince words on certain diets. In his book Confidential kitchen (2000), he writes, “The vegetarians and their Hezbollah-like splinter faction, the vegans, are a persistent irritant to any leader worth their salt. To me, the bottomless life of veal, pork fat, sausage, offal, […]

Vegan Meat Market In-Depth Research Study, Regional Growth, Company Major Key Players Analysis – ManufactureLink

The competitive landscape analysis of Vegan Meat Market reveals detailed company profiles, revenue shares, portfolio innovations, product regional footprint, key development strategies, pricing structure, target markets and the short-term plans of market leaders. This whole section helps readers understand what is driving the competition and what would help them stand out to conquer new target […]

Meat made from the air will soon be available in stores | Joel Eisenberg

Based on decades-old technology created for the US space program, meat made from air is about to be commercially available. “Air Meat” Media Kit, used with permission Author’s note This article is based on scientific reports and accredited media. No dietary or medical advice is offered here from the author. Anyone considering a diet of […]

Robert Downey Jr. invests in vegan meat to help save the planet

Robert Downey Jr. channels his Iron Man character Tony Stark with his latest philanthropic endeavor. He wants to help save our planet. Downey announced that he is investing in Motif Foodworks, a food technology company working to improve the sustainability of the food system, one of the biggest contributors of greenhouse gases. Through his investment […]

Yellowstone Serves Protein-Based Vegan Meat in the Park

With nearly five million visitors each year, Yellowstone National Park is one of the most popular summer destinations in the country. But this year, tourists will be dazzled by more than Grand Prismatic Springs. The national park is adding vegan products to its general store and lodges made using mushrooms discovered in the park. Chicago-based […]

Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Maple Leaf Foods, The Vegetarian Butcher – SMU Daily Mustang

The research titled Global Vegan Meat Market by Player, Region, Type, Application and Sales Channel, Forecast 2022-2030 provides a holistic assessment of the vegan meat industry. It provides readers with a comprehensive analysis of the competitive landscape, key segments, challenges, drivers and latest trends playing a crucial role in the market. The competitive landscape of […]

3D printed vegan meat is launched across the UK

3D printed meat could be coming to a restaurant near you as Marco Pierre White announced that his collaboration with Redefine Meat will expand to 23 more restaurants this spring. Known for its premium animal meat dishes, restaurants will now be able to offer a sustainable plant-based alternative. These innovative 3D printed meat products will […]

Amy’s Kitchen Inc., Beyond Meat, Cauldron Foods, Garden Protein International, etc. – ManufactureLink

vegan-meat-market Vegan meat market: key insights The latest research report, titled “Global Vegan meat market Insights 2022 and Forecast 2030, this includes an overview and an in-depth study of the factors which are considered to have a greater influence on the future development of the market, such as market size, market share, different industry dynamics, […]

Believe it or not, this new vegan meat is made from air

Air Protein is a very unique approach to making meat substitutes. It literally turns air into protein, without the release of methane gas and other harmful effects of agriculture. Meat alternatives offer a plethora of environmental benefits as a food source without deforestation, factory farming, or carbon emissions. According to their website, Air Protein is […]

Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Maple Leaf Foods, The Vegetarian Butcher, Gardein Protein International –

Market research report titled Global vegan meat market, segmented by product type, type of application and forecast 2022-2030 provides an elaborate analysis of the global vegan meat market and offers the market size and compound annual growth rate (CAGR) for the forecast period, starting from the base year. It sheds light on potential revenue opportunities […]

Plant-Based Vegan Meat Market Size 2022-2029 | Key Players – Kellogg’s, Hormel Foods, New Wave Foods, Beyond Meat – Ripon College Days

New Jersey, United States,- The research study presented here is a highly detailed and meticulous depiction of almost all major aspects of the global Plant-Based Vegan Meat Market. It digs deeper into market dynamics including growth drivers, challenges, restraints, trends, and opportunities. Market players can use research studies to strengthen their grip in the global […]

Vegan meat made from the air? It’s not as crazy as it sounds

It may be April, but we promise not to fool you with this news: your next alternative protein could be made from the air. If that sounds crazy, let us explain. Using a complex process that compresses recycled carbon emissions, food tech startup Air Protein is making vegan steak, chicken, pork and seafood, literally from […]

This Food Tech Startup Is Making Vegan Meat From Literally Scratch

Reading time: 2 minutes Soy was once the go-to choice for vegan meat products. But now, with the alternative protein industry booming, food scientists can take all sorts of ingredients (like mushrooms, peas, sunflowers, and even cells from live animals) and create meat products with realistic taste, plant-based or without slaughter. But what about meat […]

Plymouth restaurant’s 3D-printed vegan meat put to the test of taste – so could we tell the difference?

It’s the plant-based alternative that has fooled foodies into thinking it’s the real thing, but could a shepherd’s pie made with ‘3D-printed meat’ be pulling the wool over your eyes? of a Plymouth Live hack? There was only one way to find out – send a crack team of foodie reporters to the city’s Crowne […]

Vegan meat startup Heura raises 4 million euros in 12 hours

Reading time: 2 minutes Plant-based food company Heura raised more than €4 million in its latest fundraiser. The number would be significant on its own, but Heura pulled it off in just 12 hours. The vegan meat start-up – which claims to be the fastest growing plant-based company in Europe – launched its second Equity […]

Why a protein in the leaves could be the new vegan meat

Can meat grow on trees? New Zealand startup Leaft Foods just secured $15 million in a Series A to show the world that extracting vegan protein from leaves is not only possible, but a viable, eco-friendly alternative to sourced protein animal. Leaft’s technology revolves around “RuBisCo” (which stands for ribulose-1,5-bisphosphate carboxylase-oxygenase) a protein that every […]

27-year-old Oakland Market behind East Bay restaurants’ vegan meat

A gluten-free fried chicken dish from Layonna, one of the Oakland company’s bestsellers. 1 credit Layonna Diet Vegetarian Market443 8th St. (near Broadway), OaklandMonday to Friday from 9:30 a.m. to 5 p.m., delivery is made via DoorDash Have you ever wondered where the Flying Falafel gets its tasty fake chicken from? Or where The Butcher’s […]

Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, Maple Leaf Foods, The Vegetarian Butcher, Gardein Protein International – Bloomingprairieonline

The research includes crucial information to help companies bridge the knowledge gap created by market changes and maximize opportunities. The study offers an in-depth insight into the competitive landscape of the global vegan meat markets, along with in-depth information on the key drivers, restraints, and opportunities. The reports majorly focus on the major connections between […]

Taste Vegan ‘Meat’ Bread From A Japanese Confectionery Company To See If It Satisfies Us

What happens when you removing meat from meatloaves? Japan is increasingly aware of the plant-based lifestyle, such as “Komeda Is □” plant-based coffee, and recently our Japanese-speaking journalist Takashi Harada made an interesting discovery in his local supermarket by the Japanese confectionery company Imuraya: vegan nikuman, or meat buns, made with soy meat. ▼ Even […]

Natalie Portman invests in realistic vegan meat startup

Boston-based vegan meat startup Tender Food received a massive $12 million investment from participants, including actress Natalie Portman. This investment means that many new whole-muscle vegan meat products can be developed, such as pulled pork, steak, and chicken breast. Tender Food was launched in 2020 and aims to establish itself in the market by focusing […]

The Plant-Based Vegan Meat Market Is Booming Around the World

Plant-Based Vegan Meat Market The latest investigative report on the global plant-based vegan meat market sheds light on changing dynamics in the food and beverage industry and elaborates the market size and growth pattern of each plant-based vegan meat segments. As the shift to value continues, growers are addressing the challenges of personalized nutrition and […]

What’s happening in the FMCG space and other top stories of the week

The Indian food and beverage industry has evolved in recent years. From the introduction of the fourth wave in the coffee industry to the growing demand for bean-to-bar chocolates, the space is experiencing disruption across all categories. In recent years, another trend that seems to be gaining momentum is vegan meat or plant-based meat substitutes. […]

VegaBytz plans to launch its plant-based vegan meat products in India

VegaBytz brand, operated by Functional Foods Pvt. Ltd, will soon launch its brand and products in India. The company is a pioneer in the development of world-class, award-winning 100% vegan meat products, which are currently sold in the UK market. VegaBytz’s product range includes 100% plant-based vegan ready-to-eat meat/chicken/tuna products, which have been shortlisted as […]

A new vegan meat startup is focusing on mushrooms

A startup called Meat is striving to dominate mushrooms in the vegan meat industry by using fermented mycelium develop alternatives to meat. Meati provides an impressive amount of nutrients, including protein and lots of fiber. The startup also claims to be less sodium and saturated fats than its competitors. Tyler Huggin, the co-founder of Meati, […]

VegaBytz to launch its award-winning, world-class vegan meat products in India

VegaBytz brand (, operated by Functional Foods Pvt, based in Chennai. Ltd, will soon launch its brand and products in India. The company is a pioneer in the development of world-class, award-winning 100% vegan meat products, which are currently sold in the UK market. VegaBytz’s product range includes ready-to-eat 100% vegan meat/chicken/tuna products, which have […]

Everything you need to know about investing in vegan meat from Virat Kohli-Anushka Sharma

Indian cricketer Virat Kohli and his wife, actress Anushka Sharma, have invested in Blue Tribe, a local brand of plant-based meat. The couple will support the brand, which sells its products in several Indian cities, including Delhi and Mumbai. Anushka and Virat shared the update on their respective social media pages. In the clip, the […]

What is vegan meat and is it healthier than real meat

Looking and tasting like real meat, vegan meat is in the news again as power couple Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli invested in a plant-based meat brand called ‘Blue Tribe’ while joining us as brand ambassadors. They are both animal lovers and announced their announcement in an Instagram video. The actress’ video message read: “Virat […]

Anushka Sharma and Virat Kohli invest in vegan meat startup Blue Tribe

Blue Tribe, a local plant-based meat company, has raised an undisclosed sum from wife-husband duo, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma and cricketer Virat Kohli. The company’s products are made from peas, soybeans, lentils, grains and other vegetarian ingredients that mechanically extract proteins, vitamins and other nutrients. Anushka Sharma said: “Virat […]

Report: Vegan meat could become cheaper than beef by 2023

One of the biggest reasons people won’t try plant-based meat substitutes is the price. But as the cost of beef and pork has steadily increased in recent months and the price of alternative meat products made from pea protein and other plant-based ingredients is expected to decline, the price gap should be cleared by 2023. […]

how the vegan meat barbecue at Yakiniku Like compares to kalbi beef

With more and more vegan options available in Tokyo, plant-based Restaurants and desserts are now part of the city’s regular dining scene. Now even the most carnivorous restaurants have become more inclusive like the barbecue chain I love yakiniku. Vegans can now get in on the grilling action with fake “kalbi” meat at Yakiniku Like […]

The Unexpected Downside of Vegan Meat Substitutes Nobody Tells You About, According to a Dietitian

Chances are, if you’re switching to a plant-based diet, you’ve already scoured the freezer section of your grocery store and checked out the meat replacement options that run the gamut from burgers to “chicken” offerings. and even artificial. Ground beef.” There’s no denying that these alternative meats make switching from a carnivorous diet to a […]

Cutting Vedge Bringing Vegan Artichoke Meat to the Table

January 27, 2022 1643282815 Categories Products and launches Alternatives to meat and fish ©Cutting Vedge When it comes to ingredients in the plant-based food industry, we tend to be spoiled for choice. From chickpeas and mushrooms to lupins and seaweed, while old favorites like soy and peas still dominate. But has the humble artichoke been […]

Cutting Vedge brings vegan artichoke meat to the table – vegconomist

January 27, 2022 1643282815 ©Cutting Vedge When it comes to ingredients in the plant-based food industry, we tend to be spoiled for choice. From chickpeas and mushrooms to lupins and seaweed, while old favorites like soy and peas still dominate. But has the humble artichoke been overlooked as a superfood ingredient by the alternative protein […]

Greenforce, a new vegan meat brand launches in the UK

Greenforcea new plant-based startup is gaining momentum and officially launching in the UK for enthusiastic customers. The vegan meat company is backed by an inspiring vegan ambassador, a bodybuilder Patrick BaboumianWho was featured in the popular movie The Game Changers. Baboumian said, “Our ultimate mission is to revolutionize the food industry with unique products that […]

Natalie Portman invests in a French vegan “meat” start-up

Hollywood star Natalie Portman is financially backing a French startup that seeks to produce the “holy grail” of the growing plant-based meat industry. Paris-based company La Vie recently raised 25 million euros ($28.3 million) from investment funds and climate-conscious celebrities like Portman, an avowed vegan. While they weren’t the first to market vegetable bacon, the […]

Natalie Portman financially supports a French startup producing vegan “meat” products

Hollywood star Natalie Portman has been the latest to financially back a French startup that seeks to produce the “holy grail” of the growing plant-based meat industry. Paris-based company La Vie recently raised 25 million euros ($28.3 million) from investment funds and climate-conscious celebrities like Portman, an avowed vegan. While they weren’t the first to […]

Heather Dubrow’s pizza order: caviar, salad pizza, vegan meat lovers

Congratulations Insider Exclusive! Create a free profile to get unlimited access to exclusive videos, sweepstakes and more! Register for free to see Heather Dubrow answered fan questions directly via text on Wednesday, January 12 ahead of a new episode of RHOC! To be notified of future Bravoleb Q&As, breaking news and more, text “DailyDish” to […]

‘Game Changer’ star Patrik Baboumian launches vegan meat range in UK

Game Changer fans! Patrik Baboumian joins forces with GREENFORCE to launch a new range of plant-based meats! The innovative Easy Mix ‘powder to meat’ vegan range is designed to provide high levels of protein, as well as to combat food waste. Dubbed Europe’s answer to Beyond Meat, GREENFORCE says its latest product is likely to […]

Vegan meat alternatives may be less healthy than their meat counterparts

Big brands often latch onto the annual Veganuary, launching new plant-based options. Veganuary has caused a stir in the plant sphere, as thousands of people across the UK are ditching their usual diets to adopt a meat and dairy free eating plan. Big brands often hook up with the annual January event, offering new plant-based […]

Why vegan meat substitutes are the worst junk food of all

It’s cynical greed that gets me. Turn on primetime TV or allow ads to slide across YouTube, and every food processor and retailer seems to be taking advantage of the Veganuary movement, pushing their products as healthy and virtuous. Timing, of course, is everything. Next Monday, the third of January, has been dubbed Blue Monday […]

8 vegan meat, egg and dairy trends to watch in 2022

Opinions expressed by Entrepreneur the contributors are theirs. Another year in the books, another Veganuary. I think we can now agree that veganism itself is not a trend – plant-based food sales continue to grow rapidly. With the relationship between factory animal farming and climate change still a pressing issue, there is no reason for […]

Why the best new vegan meat products will come from Korea

The worldwide rise of the vegan diet is pushing cultures to innovate more. Around the world, entrepreneurs, food scientists and culinary geniuses are innovating new plant-based alternatives to fight the climate crisis and end unnecessary animal suffering. However, the notion of plant-based eating is still in the early adoption phase. Whether you’re in North America […]

NXT LVL PZA partners with the biggest names in vegan meat for “secretly vegan” pizzas

All-New London Pizzeria NXT LVL PZA Partners with Some of the Biggest Names in Plant-Based Meat, Including Heura, Meatless Farm, Beyond Meat and THIS, to Create ‘Secretly Vegan’ Pizzas to Encourage Omnivores switch to a plant-based diet and take out the pizza at NXT LVL. Market first The unique branding of the company is based […]

NXT LVL PZA teams up with the biggest names in vegan meat for “secretly vegan” pizzas – vegconomist

Brand new London pizzeria NXT LVL PZA is teaming up with some of the biggest names in plant-based meat, including Heura, Meatless Farm, Beyond Meat and THIS, to create “secretly vegan” pizzas to encourage omnivores to switch to a plant-based diet and bring the pizza to NXT LVL. market first The company’s unique branding is […]

KFC Canada and Mary Brown’s join forces with vegan meat producer Lightlife

Reading time: 2 minutes Two major fast food chains in Canada – KFC and Mary Brown’s, both specializing in chicken – are expanding their meatless range. It’s part of a collaboration between each company and Lightlife, a vegan and vegetarian meat producer. KFC KFC Canada is adding Lightlife Meatless Popcorn Chicken to its menu, but […]

Rise of v2, Fable vegan meat with mushrooms offers a more sustainable diet

A new burger is being bought by restaurant chains across the country and it is proving “very profitable”. As a child, Michael Fox wrote a song called “Steak of Glory”. He was a meat-loving Queenslander who, like the average Aussie, ate at least 110 kg of meat each year. But in his 30s, he had […]

With Veganuary, all eyes are (always) on vegan meat

4 Reading minutes As Veganuary forecasts its highest number of attendees for 2022, the vegan meat market continues to be a top priority for consumers and industry. Over 300,000 people have already signed up for Veganuary, the month-long campaign encouraging people to go vegan for their health and the planet throughout January. The campaign is […]

Subway to test two new vegan meat options in select UK stores

Subway, which will be testing new meaty vegan options until next month, says it is “proud” to offer a wide range of plant-based options. Subway is testing two new vegan meat options for Veganuary, including plant-based steak and chicken tikka sandwiches. The TLS (Tastes. Like. Steak.) Will be tested in 350 Metro stores in the […]

Subway to trial two new vegan meat options in select UK stores

Subway, which will test the new meaty vegan options until next month, says it’s ‘proud’ to offer a wide range of plant-based options Subway is testing two new vegan meat options for Veganuary – including plant-based steak and chicken tikka sandwiches. The TLS (Tastes. Like. Steak.) will be trialed in 350 Subway stores in the […]

Shinsegae Food’s vegan meat adopted as official menu at SK Telecom canteen

[Courtesy of Shinsegae Food] SEOUL – Shinsegae Food, a food company affiliated with South Korean retail giant Shinsegae Group, has taken its first step to establish a beachhead in the country’s canteen food supply chain market with its meat product vegan. The retail giant’s alternative meat product has been adopted as the official cafeteria menu […]

Boston startup obtains FDA approval for protein that makes vegan meaty taste even more meaty

Thanks to food technology company Motif FoodWorks, vegan meat is about to get a lot more meaty. The Boston-based company recently launched HEMAMI, a heme-binding myoglobin protein that delivers the flavor and aroma of traditional animal meat. The ingredient was recently granted GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) status by the United States Food and Drug […]

Drew Barrymore helps Cardi B on vegan meat issue

Cardi B could very well go vegan after asking her Twitter followers for advice regarding vegan meat substitutes. Drew barrymore responded to Cardi B’s tweet with some incredibly helpful recommendations. She said, “YES @iamcardib I, HAVE THE ANSWER TO YOUR DREAMS WITHOUT MEAT. @QuornUS CHANGED MY LIFE! YOU SEND IT IMMEDIATELY. PS I LOVE YOU. […]

Vegan Meat Market Could Expand Faster Than The Animal Meat Sector, Report Suggests

Reading Time: 2 minutes New research suggests that the plant-based meat market will grow significantly faster than the conventional meat sector in coming years. MarketsandMarkets, which claims to be the world’s largest revenue impact company, published a market report today. It estimates that the global plant-based meat market had a value of USD 4.3 billion […]

Cardi B, we got you. Here are our 5 favorite vegan meat alternatives!

Earlier this week, Cardi B tweeted that she is interested in going vegan but loves meat too much. She asked her followers for details on vegan meats, and we’re here to help! Cardi B, here are our five favorite vegan meat alternatives to try. Better Chew offers a variety of plant-based meats, including shredded beef, […]

Cardi B asks for advice on vegan meat; reveals she has a “stomach virus”

It looks like Cardi B is looking to try a vegan lifestyle. She turns to her 20.4 million Twitter followers for suggestions. The rapper noted that she wanted to go vegan but liked meat. She asked her fans if vegan meat would taste like real meat. “I want to go vegan but I love meat. […]

Highly Processed Vegan Meat Alternatives Cannot Be Compared To The Real Deal Commentary and opinion

I wouldn’t want to be a vegan propagandist in January. Even though they can count on a blizzard of media coverage fueling the fantasy that fake meats are storming our shelves and making meat disappear in a flash, meat sales are steadily on the rise. Analysis by New Nutrition Business trade shows in the UK […]

Jack & Bry vegan meat brand launches at Ocado – vegconomist

November 29, 2021 1638169259 © Jack & Bry Jack & Bry is launching at Ocado in the final stage of its retail rollout for its line of plant-based meats, including jackfruit hash, sausages and burgers. Jack & Bry, a British brand making meat substitutes from jackfruit, has launched at online supermarket Ocado. The company’s burgers, […]

Growthwell Foods Opens New Innovation Center to Increase Production of Vegan Meat and Seafood

3 Min reading Singapore-based vegan meat maker Growthwell Foods has announced the successful completion of its new innovation and R&D center. Located in the JTC Food Hub in Senoko, the facility will serve as a preliminary production plant, with future expansion already planned. The company hopes to use the center to make a meaningful contribution […]

The first Dutch bananas turn into vegan meat and lingerie

The Neder Banaan greenhouse is the first and only banana greenhouse in the Netherlands. In the greenhouse, bananas are cultivated in an innovative way. Bananas are not grown in soil, but in pots with the substrate, made of coconut fibers. Lifting bananas from the ground prevents attacks from a handful of enemies such as soil […]

The first Dutch bananas end up in the form of cakes, vegan meat and lingerie

Around 1,600 brand new bananas grown on Dutch soil were harvested yesterday in the Neder Banaan greenhouse in Ede. In this greenhouse, researchers from WUR are working with Neder Banaan on new cultivation methods and new varieties of bananas that contribute to a more sustainable cultivation of bananas around the world. Harvested Dutch bananas are […]

Top Chef Tom Colicchio Supports Vegan Meat Manufacturing Company

Excellent chef host Tom Colicchio has just given his support to the future plant protein company meat Food: The celebrity chef has revealed he will join the alternative meat producer as an advisor as the company prepares to distribute its innovative mycelium-based product across the United States. As a longtime food activist, Colicchio intends to […]

Chef Marco Pierre White supports 3D printed vegan meat

Iconic chef Marco Pierre White has joined a team of renowned chefs to endorse the 3D-printed vegan “new meat”. Redefine Meat’s New-Meat is believed to be the world’s first 3D-printed whole cut of meat. The Israel-based company has now launched its breakthrough product in high-end restaurants across Europe and Israel. Additionally, the meat alternative has […]

Is vegan meat healthy? 3 dietitians explain

As the popularity of veganism continues to rise and plant-based diet entering the mainstream, we are seeing more and more meat substitutes hitting the shelves of our local grocery store. Beyond meat, Impossible foods, and Tofurky are just a handful of brands that exclusively create animal-free meat beyond tofu, tempeh, and seitan, meaning you can […]

This Hawaiian startup recycles cashews into vegan meat

3 Min reading There’s new plant-based meat in town, and it’s not made from soybeans, peas, or wheat. Instead, it’s made from recycled cashews, and Hawaiian startup Cajú Love has become the first to bring this new vegan meat alternative to the United States. Cajú Love has just created the first cashew nut meat introduced […]

Chinese diners can now get v2food vegan meat steamed buns

4 Min reading Australian leader in vegan meat v2food has forged a number of new partnerships with local food companies in China to expand its reach into the country. By collaborating with two brands as well as a major food content and recipe platform, diners nationwide will now be able to get their hands on […]

Fast Food Strike + COVID Spike + LA’s Best Vegan Meat Dishes

Happy Wednesday, Los Angeles! Let us all catch you up to start today on an enlightened note. First, today’s weather forecast: Rather sunny and delicious. High: 74 Low: 61. Here are today’s top stories in Los Angeles: LA sees 34% spike in COVID cases, prompting booster shots (Los Angeles Patch) What the Water District’s SoCal […]

The boss of vegan meat attacks the COP26 for serving “irresponsible” beef

Reading time: 2 minutes Heura food activists and co-founders Marc Coloma and Bernat Añaños have found a unique way to shed light on the facts through projection mapping of George Square, a district of Glasgow. Credit: Bernat Ananos, Heura A key figure in the growing vegan meat brand, Heura Foods, has denounced the organizers of […]

Why this Hawaiian startup makes vegan meat from cashew industry waste

Hawaiian startup Cajú Love recently launched new vegan cashew meat. Cashews are the meat that surrounds a cashew nut and it is usually a wasted by-product of the nut and juice industries. Instead of sending the plump, edible fruit to landfill, Cajú Love co-founders Felipe Barreneche and Alana Lima turned high-fiber foods into vegan meat. […]