Cardi B, we got you. Here are our 5 favorite vegan meat alternatives!

Earlier this week, Cardi B tweeted that she is interested in going vegan but loves meat too much. She asked her followers for details on vegan meats, and we’re here to help! Cardi B, here are our five favorite vegan meat alternatives to try.

Better Chew offers a variety of plant-based meats, including shredded beef, shredded chicken, and fried fish. But our favorite is the chicken nuggets – bite-sized and with a thick, breaded coating, these pass the texture and taste tests with flying colors.

Impossible Foods makes just about every vegan meat you could ask for, from meatballs to pork, but their vegan burger patty is one of the most realistic in the game. It’s a bestseller for a reason, and the way it “bleeds” to taste, this patty will satisfy that meat craving every time.

impossible foods

Jack & Annie’s makes a variety of vegan meat products from jackfruit, including sausages, nuggets and meatballs. We love Buffalo Wings, which are crispy chicken nuggets coated in spicy and tangy Buffalo sauce that will remind you of your favorite plate of boneless chicken wings.

At Jack and Annie's

Beyond Meat was one of the first to release a “meaty” vegan burger, and you’ll find the patty at local barbecues and trendy gastropubs. But their other vegan meat products are also delicious. We love the plant-based crumbles – available in “heavy” or “fiesta” versions – which go very well with spaghetti or tacos.

Beyond meat

Field Roast is one of the most popular vegan meat brands, and you can find their products in restaurants, ballparks, and grocery stores across the country. We love their plant-based sausages and bratwursts, which come in several flavors and are delicious loaded into a hot dog bun with mustard and sauerkraut or chopped into a breakfast scramble with tofu.

Country roast

If you’re looking for more resources on the best vegan meat alternatives, check out this article for the best store-bought vegan chicken products and this one for the best meaty vegan burgers to grill at home.

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