Cardi B asks for advice on vegan meat; reveals she has a “stomach virus”

It looks like Cardi B is looking to try a vegan lifestyle. She turns to her 20.4 million Twitter followers for suggestions.

The rapper noted that she wanted to go vegan but liked meat. She asked her fans if vegan meat would taste like real meat.

“I want to go vegan but I love meat. Are vegan meat substitutes similar to meat in taste or not really? She wrote on her Twitter page on Sunday.

Fans took to the comments section to share their thoughts. While some of them have suggested that vegan food tastes like meat, others have noted how unhealthy vegan meat can be.

“Nothing comes close to sausage and bacon. There were a lot of great veggie burgers,” one of the fans wrote. “Pea protein mince is really good and can also taste like chicken depending on how it’s cooked. “

“Seriously unhealthy. The way they’re made is bad for the environment. Our ancestors ate meat and were much stronger and less whiny! Don’t do it just to keep up with the trend. You love meat, so eat it. there and don’t be ashamed. You do you! ” another fan suggested.

A fan wanted to know if the 29-year-old rapper plans to leave seafood as well. The pop star earlier revealed that she loves seafood boiled with lemon.

Cardi B also took stock of her health and revealed that she “drinks probiotics”.

“I had a stomach virus not that long ago and I feel like my digestive system is not the same anymore,” she tweeted the same day. “I’m drinking probiotics and I don’t see a lot of change. I look at the raw food pages a lot, but it will be a huge change for me to do that.”

The tweet came two days after the rapper shared a new episode of her “Cardi Tries” series. In the series, the rapper tries out different things including eating sushi, trying on different wigs, playing, herding, gymnastics, living in nature and more.

The rapper shared a clip from an upcoming episode on Instagram this weekend. We can see her trying holistic healing in it. “In my area with @sahdsimone, the new episode of #CardiTries is now available on @Instagram and @Messenger,” she wrote.

“Cardi Tries” often drops new episodes on Facebook’s “Watch Together” feature. All previous episodes are available on Cardi Bis official Facebook page.

Cardi B AMA Host Promo Photo: digital DCP