Boxing: Canelo tries vegan diet program to face Dmitry Bivol

Jhe Mexican fighter will move to a light heavy give a challenge Dmitry Bivol for the WBA championship.

Canelo Alvarez was clear from the start. He does not consume meat to acquire the right weight.

According to Alvarez, he started a vegan diet because he can adapt his eating habits, whether it is chicken, fish or meat.

“I’m not very complicated when it comes to food, I adapt a lot, I adapt quickly” Canelo told ESPN.

“It’s not something that I did all of a sudden, that I left what I ate before, overnight. All week I try to eat what is vegan and if one day I eat something else, meat, chicken, whatever, I eat it, there is no problem.”

Alvarez is considered the best boxer in the world. In 60 fights he has a file of 57 wins1 loss -against Floyd Mayweather Jr.- and 2 draws.

years before, Canello tested positive for clenbuteroI. The substance is known to stimulate muscle growth and eliminate excess fat.

Alvarez blamed spoiled beef for his failed test. In some cases, beef could exhibit higher levels of clenbuterol in the blood.

However, Canelo Alvarez was suspended for six months.

On his next test, Canello provided negative results for clenbuterol. the UK understood that Canelo’s positive result was probably caused by spoiled beef.

the UK raised the threshold for the amount of clenbuterol found in a fighter’s body before deeming it a failed test.

Canello prepare for his fight May 7 in Las Vegas. He thought it was crucial to change his diet to cope Dmitry Bivolwho Canelo described as a great fighter.

[Bivol is] a championhe’s a good champion, and I like the idea of ​​getting back to 175, fighting the second best fighter in this division,” Alvarez said.