Best-selling doctor and author publishes cookbook promoting vegan diet

A vegan or plant-based diet can be challenging both for those new to plant-based eating and for those wondering how to adopt a vegan diet with other nutritional considerations. To teach those ready to learn the steps necessary to “veganize” their cooking, Dr. Monique May, MD, MHA has published Doc, Fix My Plate! The Physician In The Kitchen® prescriptions for your healthy meal makeover.

CHARLOTTE, NORTH CAROLINA – In Doc, fix my plate, best-selling author and physician, Dr. Monique walks new and veteran vegans through the basics of everything from how to stock a plant-based pantry to creating satisfying meals that meet all of their nutritional needs. Readers will learn food tips like proven dairy and meat substitutes and gain access to delicious recipes for meatless burgers, vegan pasta dishes, dairy-free and gluten-free cakes, and more. Through this informative and practical guide, readers will also learn the proper balance of necessary vitamins, minerals and nutrients.

Being vegan is definitely a lifestyle commitment. Learning more about the foods you should eat, making vegan substitutions when cooking and baking, and learning about ingredients you may want to avoid are all necessary parts of embracing the vegan lifestyle” , says Dr. Monique.

The topics covered in Doc, fix my plate, including how to set up a kitchen, track and create recipes, basic cooking techniques, common cooking terms, and more, will help readers uncover the layers of vegan cooking. Dr. Monique also shares prescriptions for healthy plate makeovers as well as her experiences, successes, failures, and aha moments. Readers will learn the ABCs of how to cook vegan food properly, typical ingredients used in vegan cooking, and how to stock a full vegan pantry so they can prepare vegan meals every day without hassle.

Doc, fix my plate gives readers a recipe or hack that will make eating vegan tastier and easier than ever. Go ahead and create your own nutritious and delicious plant-based meals! Don’t forget: #eatyourcolors and invest in your health one plate at a time!”

Dr Monique May, also known as the Doctor in the Kitchen®is the author of the best-selling Amazon MealMasters: Your Simple Guide to Modern Meal Planning and the founder of Physician In The Kitchen®. Dr. Monique is passionate about using her social platform to educate people about the health benefits of food while showing them ways to save time in the kitchen. A member of the American Academy of Family Physicians, she was honored as Resident of the Year in 1999 and Physician of the Year in 2019.

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