Best Black Friday air fryer deals for 2022

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  1. Uten White 4L Manual Air Fryer with Fast Air Circulation
  2. DIDO 5.5L air fryer with fast air circulation

True to its name, an air fryer cooks food by constantly circulating hot air.

The top of an air fryer is equipped with a controllable heating element, once on a large fan inside the air fryer blows hot air which quickly cooks food making it crispy inside. outside and soft in the center.

Air fryers cook food much faster and more evenly than a standard oven, making them more convenient and economical. There are so many tasty vegan air fryer recipes to make healthy and economical cooking child’s play.

Foods traditionally cooked in oil like fries, falafel, and even vegan donuts can be cooked in an air fryer without requiring gallons of oil.

However, foods coated in a liquid batter cannot be cooked in an air fryer.

Thanks to the need for little to no oil, air frying can help reduce your oil intake and, in turn, significantly reduce calories and fat.1 in a meal.

Additionally, evidence suggests that air-fried foods can reduce a carcinogenic chemical called acrylamide by around 90%.2.

Acrylamide forms when starchy foods such as potatoes are cooked at high temperatures.

Is it cheaper to run an air fryer than an oven?

As the cost of living crisis continues to deepen, people are favoring cheaper cooking alternatives to keep their bills down.

Thanks to the air fryer’s fast cooking time, it uses less energy than a standard oven, making it an efficient cooking appliance.

For comparison, a typical air fryer uses an average of 1.4 kWh (kilowatts per hour), while a standard electric oven uses an average of 2.1 kWh.

Best Black Friday 2022 air fryer deals

1. Uten White 4L Manual Air Fryer with Fast Air Circulation

£59.40 from £73.99

Suitable for 1-5 people, the Uten White Air Fryer is small but practical, making it perfect for those working in a small kitchen.

The white finish is easy to clean and features a 60 minute timer dial and temperature indicator for controlled cooking.

The Uten White Air Fryer has an average 67% 5-star rating, with customers giving top marks for temperature control, ease of use, and ease of cleaning.

2. DIDO 5.5L Air Fryer with Fast Air Circulation

£83.99 from £89.99

The elegant DIDO black multifunction fryer is ideal for families thanks to its 5.5 L frying basket.

The non-stick basket is perfect for cooking plant-based ingredients without having to remove half of the tray.

DIDO’s adjustable temperature setting and auto shut-off timer ensure perfectly cooked food every time.

With an average rating of 4.6 out of 5, the DIDO air fryer is highly rated for its functionality.

One reviewer said, “We love it, dinner time totally transformed!”

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