BabyBel Cheese In Bulk, TJ’s Nacho Dip and more vegan food news of the week

It seems like every week in the vegan food news is more exciting than the last and this week is no exception. Babybel’s dairy-free cheeses are making their way onto store shelves, including at Costco where eagle-eyed vegans spotted 32 packs of these plant-based babies. Baseball season is here and the only way to celebrate is with a vegan Dodger Dog, which you can now ship nationwide. And Trader Joe’s keeps launching new vegan products and this week it’s dairy-free nacho dip. Read on to find out more.

1Babybel dairy-free cheeses are coming to Costco

We’re finally living in a time when our favorite childhood snacks are going vegan and that’s true for Babybel’s iconic wax-coated cheese snacks. French company Bel Group is committed to entering the modern age of food by reinventing all of its flagship products, including Boursin, Babybel and Laughing Cow cheeses. The company’s first step in this direction was the 2020 launch of a dairy-free Boursin, which it developed into a Garlic & Herb flavor with help from vegan brand Follow Your Heart.

Bel Group

Then, the 150-year-old dairy brand tackled Babybel cheeses with the release of Babybel Végétal cheese. The dairy-free cheeses began rolling out in the US in March after being introduced in the UK through major retailer Sainsbury’s in January. This week, the little dairy-free Babybels, which are wrapped in green wax, were spotted by our friend @BigBoxVegan in 32-cheese bulk packs at Costco stores for $12.99.

And after? Bel Brands is currently working on developing a dairy-free version of its Laughing Cow wedges and hopes to bring them to market in 2023.

2Baseball season begins with the vegan Dodger Dogs

The MLB season officially began this week and to kick off the festivities, vegan brand Field Roast and culinary icon Roy Choi are offering vegan Dodger Dogs to baseball fans around the world. Together, the duo designed the “Stadium Dog” Vegan Hot Dog Kit ($45.95 plus shipping) which is now available for nationwide delivery via Goldbelly. The hot dog kit was born out of a years-long collaboration between Field Roast and Choi, a pioneer of the Los Angeles food truck scene with its Korean fusion Kogi Truck.

VegNews.StadiumDogKitGoldBelly.FieldRoastCountry roast

The kit serves six people and contains Field Roast’s signature stadium dogs (a twice-smoked hot dog the brand launched last year), vegan cheese shreds from sister brand Chao Creamery, hot buns -dog vegans, Choi and Koji’s Original Koji Slaw. sauce. For baseball fans in Los Angeles, the popular Dodger Dog, served at select stadium concessions, got a facelift this past MLB season and also offers Field Roast Signature Stadium Dog with a choice of toppings.

3Earl of Sandwich is getting into vegan barbecue

Earl of Sandwich has a virtual monopoly on royalty-themed sandwich chains — alongside Burger King, the king of burgers, of course — and the noble sandwich shop is getting a whole lot more vegan. Last January, the chain added its first plant-based hot sandwich, Vegan Cannonballs!, to its permanent menu. The hearty handheld includes vegan meatballs, dairy-free mozzarella, meatless marinara, and Italian seasonings.

VegNews.EarlofSandwichVeganBarbecueEarl of Sandwich/Instagram

This week, the Earl of Sandwich announced a new (and exciting) limited-time offer: The Vegan BBQ. A sandwich fit for an Earl (or even a Duke), this one features vegan chicken, dairy-free pepper jack cheese, vegan coleslaw, onions and barbecue sauce. The Vegan BBQ Sandwich is now available at participating Earl of Sandwich locations for a limited time where it is made with non-vegan items.

4Beyond Meat is coming to Rite Aid

Starting this week, Rite Aid shoppers in approximately 2,000 locations can purchase Beyond Meat products alongside their toilet paper, household cleaners and beauty products. The vegan brand’s Beyond Burger and Beyond Meatballs will be sold in the frozen section of Rite Aid, where Beyond Meat hopes to reach a slew of new customers.

“Our goal is to make plant-based meat accessible to consumers, wherever they buy. With convenience being key to meal prep, we’re making it easier than ever to incorporate Beyond Meat into your next meal by offering our products in Rite Aid stores nationwide,” said Deanna Jurgens, Director of growth at Beyond Meat, in a statement. “Expanding our presence in retail channels, including pharmacies, is a natural next step as we aim to bring nutritious and sustainable plant-based protein to even more communities across the country.

VegNews.BeyondMeatRiteAidBeyond meat

Beyond Meat has already broken into the drugstore category with a launch in 7,000 CVS locations in 2020. Its expansion into Rite Aid means plant-based meat will become even more accessible, good for animals, people and the planet. .

“We are proud to partner with Beyond Meat to provide our customers with additional healthy food options,” said Erik Keptner, director of marketing and merchandising at Rite Aid, in a statement. “By offering Beyond Burger and Beyond Meatballs in the vast majority of our stores, we are responding to our consumers’ growing demand for products that support their lifestyle.

5Trader Joe’s gets spicy with vegan nacho dip

From dairy-free tzatziki to caramelized onion to Buffalo, we’re pretty blown away by Trader Joe’s growing collection of vegan dips. This week we welcome Vegan Nacho Dip to our party platters. The new dip costs $3.99 per eight-ounce container and is made with organic cashews, coconut oil, tapioca starch and is colored with fruit juice and vegetables.

VegNews.TJsVeganNachoDip.TraderJoesListInstagramTrader Joe’s List/Instagram

Some customers have speculated that it’s a direct replacement for TJ’s Cashew Fiesta Dip that the grocery chain introduced in 2018 and discontinued a few months ago. However, this dip is completely gluten-free, not made with potatoes (like the fiesta was), and tastes a bit creamier.

6New dairy-free ice cream at Walmart

For a sweet finish, this week we’re celebrating the launch of KLIMON Vegan Ice Cream at Walmart stores nationwide. The brand’s first line of ice cream is made with a proprietary almond-based blend that gives it a dairy-like creaminess without any of the downsides of dairy.

The new pints are available in five creative flavors: Morning Brew (coffee ice cream base with almonds and a swirl of fudge); Caramel Brûlée (salted caramel ice cream with chocolate cookie crumbs and a swirl of caramelized sugar); Cherry Bomb (cherry ice cream with real burgundy cherry chunks and a cherry swirl); Mint Condition (mint ice cream with mini chocolate chips and a fudge swirl); and Sunrise Bang (a creamy orange ice cream with a cream swirl).


“We are very proud to partner with Walmart for the launch of our brand and to continue to leave our mark on the plant-based food revolution,” Alex Cotraviwat, CEO and Founder of Jaback Group (developer of the KLIMON brand), said in a statement.

Walmart is becoming a vegan ice cream destination, and KLIMON pints will share shelf space with JD Vegan, an Atlanta-inspired vegan ice cream brand launched last year by the legendary maker (and longtime vegan) Jermaine Dupri.

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