All About Kim Kardashian’s Vegan Diet

Lately, veganism has gained popularity around the world with several celebrities and influencers joining the movement in India and abroad. One of them is reality TV star and entrepreneur Kim Kardashian. Time and time again, she shares previews of her meals on Instagram and often it’s vegan food.

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Her obsession with plant-based foods saw an announcement on social media when she started posting that she was turning vegan last year. The 41-year-old is well known for her fashion sense and well-groomed figure. Not only does she work out regularly, but she also believes in good food. In fact, in one of her posts, she was seen showing off her impressive body and captioned it, saying, “Herbal does good for the body.”

Kim is an inveterate foodie and enjoys a variety of delicacies, especially when she goes out. Recently, she shared a photo of the best pasta in the world and left everyone in awe. Although there has been speculation about Kim’s vegan diet, she has clarified things through media interviews, suggesting that she eats mostly plant-based foods, with a few exceptions.

Recently, she posted a story on her Instagram, sharing a preview of her tostada. For the uninitiated, a tostada is simply a grilled or fried tortilla base. The flat bottom is then stuffed with vegetables and meat. However, in the case of Kim’s meal, it’s a vegan tostada since she tags @beyondmeat in her story. As the vegan food ambassador of this plant-based food brand, the mom-preneur endorses plant-based diets.

In one of her tweets, she also revealed what she eats in a day. It included oatmeal and vegan sausage for breakfast, followed by salads and vegan tacos for lunch. She even mentioned how she likes to eat skinny potato fries, according to a report by a leading media publication. Kim also claims to have converted her family members like Kylie and Khole to veganism over the past two years. Kim’s mantra for that envious body is plenty of exercise and a healthy diet.