Alicia Silverstone thanks vegan diet for changing her life for the better

American actress Alicia Silverstone credited her vegan lifestyle for changing her life for the better in a recent interview.

Speak exclusively with Vegan food and life Simply Vegan podcast, Silverstone unveiled her inspiring journey to vegan living.

the clueless The star shared how her love for dogs encouraged her to recognize the unfair treatment of cows, pigs and other animals raised for food.

Additionally, Silverstone revealed how raising her child vegan allowed her to connect and educate her son through cooking.

Additionally, the activist shared her thoughts on how we encourage others to go vegan and the importance of an imperfect plant-based diet.

Alicia Silverstone’s Vegan Journey

In the exclusive interview, Silverstone revealed that her parents’ love of animals had inspired her love for animals since childhood.

Alicia experienced the cruel practices of the dairy industry at the age of eight during a visit to the English countryside.

“I heard the cries of these creatures and I didn’t know what was going on.

“A farmer told us, ‘Oh, it’s because the baby cows are taken away from their mothers.

Even though she had trouble processing it, Silverstone knew it was wrong.

The vegan celeb went on to explain that once she made the connection that meat came from animals, she immediately became a vegetarian.

“Why do we give our dogs all this nice treatment, but torture, enslave and murder these creatures?

“To me, it was just hypocrisy.”

Plus, following an inspiring meeting with PETA, Silverstone has switched to a plant-based diet.

“It changed my life. It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me,” the actor revealed.

Raising Vegan Children

Like many people, Alicia chose to raise her child, Bear, on a plant-based diet.

In recent years, Silverstone has said his son is an “example of health” and says he is rarely sick.

During the interview, the vegan mum explained that she started cooking with her son when he was little to stimulate enthusiasm for a plant-based diet.

Silverstone explained, “I think having them cook with you is really helpful if they’re interested in, you know, involving them in any process.”

She added that her son’s involvement in the process allows him to understand how food is researched and produced.

In addition to plant-based food, Alicia encourages her family to be eco-responsible: “I always reuse everything. And if I buy something new, I buy eco-friendly clothes, you know, things that are made responsibly”

From eliminating food waste to buying second-hand clothes, Silverstone believes these practices will help her family learn about sustainability.

“How can we be sweet and kind, and really patient parents and really give them what they need – and create little activist warriors, right?”

How to Encourage Friends to Go Vegan

Educating non-vegan friends and family can often be a daunting task. Alicia believes that making these small changes will help them continue their meat and dairy reduction efforts.

“Anyone who makes a change, embrace it, celebrate it, be excited and proud.”

Additionally, Silverstone revealed that she once hosted a dinner party where her guests ate vegan food and watched Netflix’s hit vegan documentary, Seaspiracy.

While it’s important to spread the vegan message, the actress admits it’s also important to embrace “slips.”

“I have hiccups too, I would say I am 99.9% vegan.

“But I still consider myself a vegan warrior. Because I don’t think it makes sense to crucify myself for it.

Through conversation and understanding, Alicia plans to continue spreading the message of the powerful effects plant-based eating can have on our planet, body, and soul through her new podcast, Reel Heal.

You can listen to this exclusive interview on the Simply Vegan podcast via SpotifyApple Podcast and all the usual places.

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