A vegan restaurant company in San Francisco becomes a battleground for workers, unions and executives

San Francisco food company Amy’s Kitchen is at an impasse as its employees, executives and a local union vie for control of a factory.

Amy’s Kitchen in San Francisco produces frozen entrees for vegan-vegetarian dietary restrictions. Workers at the company’s factory began expressing their dissatisfaction with management around the start of this year. The dispute made national headlines after a Jan. 17 investigation by NBC News.

Amy’s Kitchen employees have accused the company of “serious health and safety violations”. affirming “workers keep getting injured.” The company, still led by its 1987 founders – CEO Andy Berliner and his wife Rachel – disputes those claims.


“We engaged third-party auditors, we reviewed our internal practices and safety record, and most importantly, I met with over 500 employees in small groups to learn more about the experience working for Amy’s “Andy Berliner wrote in a March statement. denying accusations of limited bathroom breaks and lack of water in the workplace.

The striking workers have claimed injuries are common in the factory, and many alleged mistreatment by managers.

Teamsters Local 665 rallied to accommodate disgruntled employees, pushing protesters to join the union. Many workers have support shown for the move as a means of protecting their interests.


The National Workplace Legal Foundation has also stepped in to represent employees who feel they have not had a fair chance to vote against the union.

Customers enter an Amy’s Kitchen restaurant in Rohnert Park, California on June 24, 2020. (David Paul Morris/Bloomberg via Getty Images/Getty Images)

“Following multiple requests from Amy’s Kitchen employees, the National Right to Work Legal Defense Foundation has issued a special alert to California and Oregon employees of the vegetarian prepared food company, which is currently making the subject of a top-down campaign by Teamsters Local 665. union officials to install union control”, NRWLF wrote.

The NRWLF says Teamsters Local 665 tried to circumvent the workers’ right to a secret ballot.

“It’s been said that we’re union busters,” Andy Berliner said of the push to unionize. “That couldn’t be further from the truth. I told all of our employees who asked that unionization was their choice – whether it was yes or no. And what was overwhelmingly clear is that our employees are not asking for a boycott and, in fact, are saddened and scared by this negative campaign by the union.”

Fox News Digital contacted Teamsters Local 655 but received no response.