A black-owned vegan food truck now at Disney World

Robyn Wallace, co-owner of Local Green Orlando Food Truck, poses for a photo in front of Local Green’s new location at Disney Springs at Walt Disney World Resort in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. Local Green offers vegan, vegetarian and pescatarian fare and brings even more healthy options for Walt Disney World guests.

A popular trend among the food industry is healthy options. This trend is being embraced by the African American community in particular, with so much information available about health disparities and options within the black community. Many chefs and caterers have added options and some have even changed menus directly. One of the leaders of the healthier eating movement is entrepreneur couple Robyn and Zack Wallace who opened Walt Disney World’s first Black Owned vegan food truck in Orlando, Florida LOCAL GREEN ORLANDO.

Local Green opened in January 2019 in Atlanta, with the goal of not sacrificing taste for health. The second goal was to directly attack health disparities in the black community that stem from poor dietary options. It’s a passion project for the Wallaces, each of whom have lost family members to health issues they believe could have been avoided with a healthier lifestyle.

The truck itself is a sight to behold. An artistically designed, bright green food truck that sits in the park surrounded by tables near one of Disney’s many serene ponds; it’s inviting to say the least.

The menu is a great spin on popular songs and the vernacular of the music industry, Zack Wallace was once in the music business and brings the melodic edge to the business. Robyn is an original idea; her mission began long ago by witnessing the effects of malnutrition and poor dietary practices in her community. Citing socioeconomic disparities in Vine City, an Atlanta-area community, he was told that people don’t want “that kind of food” in that area. Luckily she didn’t buy it.

“It’s a community approach to what we do. Being in Vine City…and with us starting there, we were told not to go. With the success there, we wanted to go to comparable places like Vine City and be able to offer health some of those same health offerings, so that we could change health and improve the way people in food deserts eat. Wallace says, “Right now we’re the only vegetarian, vegan, and pescatarian concept in Vine City; when it comes to quick service restaurants. With us there, we call ourselves an oasis in the food desert”

Currently, the truck is a first stop for Robyn and Zack. They hope the exposure and visibility will allow for further expansion to help people who may not always be able to obtain such options. And to be clear, the food is amazing.

“During the covid throws we were able to use our truck to deliver food to the homeless, and we actually do a community drive where we actually teach. We don’t believe in giving food. I don’t think it’s going to change the way people do things if they’re not taught. So it’s about us giving them the tools, teaching them how to blend smoothies, making snacks, and giving them the boxes to do it. says Wallace.

Local Green Orlando currently operates within the Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida.