A black-owned brand of vegan meat is now being served in Bay Area schools

Although vegan food is becoming common in grocery stores and restaurants, it is not fully mainstreamed in schools. Across the country, children still receive meals rich in meat and dairy products. But there is hope for a plant-based future in schools! Because Better Chew’s vegan meat products are now available to 30,000 students in K-12 schools.

Rolling out vegan meat products in Bay Area school districts

Last August, Better Chew announced the rollout of its vegan meat products to three Bay Area school districts. About 30,000 students from kindergarten to 12th grade will have access to these vegetable proteins. Vegan meat will be served in many delicious dishes. For example, Better Chew collaborated with WOC-owned Alicia Tamales on vegan tamales to introduce to schools.

“This is an incredible opportunity for our business, and we are humbled and thankful to God for opening these doors! We are on a mission to change lives one bite at a time, and there is nothing like knowing we can help kids eat healthy!As I always say, “Don’t give up on your dreams and keep pushing,” said Chef Chew, owner of Better Chew.

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Black-Owned Vegan Meat Company

Why not love Better Chew? For starters, the black-owned vegan meat company makes delicious products. Its portfolio of vegetable proteins highlights the best comfort food classics. Smoked Beef Ribs, Southern Style Fried Fish, and Fried Chicken, to name a few.

Another reason we love Better Chew? The brand defends a great cause: “to democratize access to plant-based foods for all”. Chef Chew strives to get his products into food deserts, schools, communities of color and other underserved areas.

Plant-Based Options in Schools Nationwide

Schools across the country are incorporating plant-based items into their offerings. More recently, New York public schools have introduced vegan meals like veggie tacos, chickpea wraps, and PB&J sandwiches. Plus, six school districts in California and Washington are serving rebel vegan chicken nuggets. Hopefully more schools will follow suit by providing nutritious vegan meals to their students.

For more information about Better Chew and its community initiatives, follow @betterchew on Instagram and check out EatBetterChew.com.