8 of the best vegan dishes you can have delivered to yourself in Nottingham this vegan

What: Crispy Pulled Chicken
Which: Taste of china
Or: Just eat
How much: £ 5.30

Mansfield Road take out restaurant has just about the best meatless Chinese menu in town, and veg and vegans are spoiled for choice. But the choice of punch has to be their crisp and tangy grated chicken.

What: Vegan nachos
Which: Halo
Or: Deliveroo
How much: £ 9.50

Blending chickpeas, mashed avocado and tomatoes with a Violife dairy-free cheese alternative and a dollop of tomato-cilantro salsa, Halo has created a cruelty-free alternative to the classic Mexican dish.

What: The Beast Vegan Gyros Box
Which: The Athenian
Or: Deliveroo
How much: £ 13.30

Vegan Seitan Gyros marinated in Greek herbs, halloumi vegan fries and olive oil. Served in a box with handmade pita with lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, parsley, oregano fries and a dip. Certainly not one for the faint hearted.

What: BJ Burger
Which: 13th element
Or: Uber Eats
How much: £ 11

As big as Boris Johnson and as delicious as other BJs, 13th Element’s signature burger comes with a meat patty beyond meat, cheddar cheese, bac’con jam, aioli to roasted garlic and bac’con, all in a custom brioche bun. Damn hot.

What: Biscuits and speculoos cream
Which: donuts
Or: Deliveroo
How much: £ 4

With a guaranteed super vegan menu every day, choosing a cruelty-free donut can be a bit like picking your kids’ one you love the most. We opted for this delight, accompanied by chocolate icing and Biscoff buttercream.

What: Full English vegan
Which: Clean kitchen
Or: Deliveroo
How much: £ 11

Are you late and want to have breakfast delivered to you? Look no further than Clean Cut’s Complete English Vegan: sausage, mushrooms, mashed avocado and edamame, hash browns, spinach, tomatoes, beans and toast. Hangover sorted.

What: Vegan meal for two
Which: Viva street food
Or: Deliveroo
How much: £ 29.95

If we go into another lockdown and you have a special occasion coming up, try Viva Street Food. Their vegan meal for two comes with your choice of two starters, two vegan curries, rice, poppadoms and chutney.

What: Aztec
Which: Prickly pear
Or: Deliveroo
How much: £ 8

Notts’ vegan fast food legends feature a bowl filled with black quinoa, spicy black beans, fried tofu, fresh guacamole, shredded lettuce, pickled red cabbage, fresh salsa, pink onions, corn sweet, jalapenos and fresh lime. Dios mio.