3D printed vegan meat is launched across the UK

3D printed meat could be coming to a restaurant near you as Marco Pierre White announced that his collaboration with Redefine Meat will expand to 23 more restaurants this spring.

Known for its premium animal meat dishes, restaurants will now be able to offer a sustainable plant-based alternative.

These innovative 3D printed meat products will allow chefs to continue creating authentic and traditional dishes without using animal products.

Diners at Marco Pierre White’s flagship restaurant, Mr White’s in Leicester Square, can now enjoy a realistic 3D-printed vegan steak served with garlic butter or a vintage balsamic vinaigrette.

This venue will also serve a Redefine Burger, Redefine Macaroni Cheese and Redefine Salsicca Pizza.

Marco Pierre White restaurants can be found across the UK, and the new meatless menu will also be available in London, Bristol, Liverpool, Plymouth, Swansea and many more!

The spring menu at the other venues will also feature vegan dishes Ragu alla Bolognese and Mr Lamb’s Shepherd’s Pie.

Eshchar Ben-Shitrit, CEO and co-founder of Redefine Meat, told us: “It is an honor for us to work with Marco and now to be featured on his restaurant menus.

“From the very beginning, we have worked alongside expert meat chefs and butchers, as they always provide us with the best feedback to improve our products.”

New meat from Redefine Meat

Plant-based meat company Redefine Meat has a clear goal: to create sustainable alternatives that can still deliver great quality and taste.

The food tech company achieved this standard by using plant-based ingredients and 3D printing the molecular makeup of standard meat.

Marco Pierre White is a fan himself, revealing that he eats New Meat once or twice a week.

He also revealed that he was a vegan himself for 9 months but started eating animal products again, saying, “I didn’t feel satisfied. We didn’t have New Meat at that time. I was always hungry…”

His restaurant is not the only one to offer this 3D printed meat on the menu. Upscale store Selfridges also offers new meat dishes.

However, Redefine Meat is one of many companies developing cutting-edge technologies to create innovative plant-based foods.

Plant-based company EVERY Co. introduced the world’s first vegan egg whites by replicating chicken egg DNA with yeast and sugar.

Natalie Portman also recently invested in realistic vegan meat startup Tender Foods, which makes plant-based meats by spinning fibrous textures together.

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