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Record drought could lead to higher prices for vegan meat

Reading time: 2 minutes The vegan food market is set to face challenges after a drought in Canada severely affected pea crop yields. Many herbal companies, including Beyond Meat and Meatless Farm, rely on pea protein to create their products. Price increase Over the summer, Canada, the world’s largest pea-producing region, saw its worst drought […]

First-of-its-kind study links vegan meat to better gut health (plus a frosty side effect)

Plant-based meats have a positive impact on gut health, according to new study published in peer-reviewed scientific journal food. The randomized, controlled study in the real world found that consumers who ate only five plant-based meals per week instead of meat-based dishes experienced increased levels of a group of bacteria that produce butyrate. , a […]

Chef Tanya to Create 3 Vegan Halloween Dishes in Free Online Demo

Anyone might think you are crazy, but your friends and family will at least give you a chance. It feels good, if you exceed expectations then you have a loyal customer. This is just how it started. I chose Palm Springs; it was easy. It is at home from the womb. It was certainly a […]

‘Nattividad’ singer Natti Natasha’s daily diet includes beans and vegan meat

With a newborn baby and a new album, you could say that Natti Natasha has been quite busy. In May, she gave birth to her daughter, Vida Isabelle, after fearing she might never get pregnant, and now she’s happily immersing herself in all things motherhood. So much so that she says it served as inspiration […]

The ultimate guide to the vegan diet, even if you have allergies

Introducing more plant-based foods into your diet may come with some adjustments. Maybe you’re trying to figure out how to get enough protein. Or, if you’re cutting back on your dairy intake, you might be wondering about calcium instead. Adding allergens into the mix only raises more questions about what to eat and what to […]

Doctor responds to ‘exaggerated’ report on vegan diet

Reading time: 2 minutes This morning, I told our PR manager that I haven’t noticed any new fear-mongering about the vegan diet in the news for some time. They usually appear every week or so. You know the type of thing: “Going vegan is going to make your hair fall out, cause early menopause, make […]

A vegan diet is not automatically the most sustainable choice

I sometimes describe myself as a “sustainavore”. In other words, I always try to make sustainable choices about what I eat. This means that, for the most part, I enjoy a plant-based diet. But I’m not a vegan, or even a fully vegetarian. I eat eggs from my rescue chickens, local honey, and sometimes local […]

1 in 5 children want to follow a vegan diet, new survey finds

According to a recent survey, over 20% of children in the UK are already vegans and an additional 21% would like to be vegetarians. A vegan diet involves avoiding all animal products, whether it is meat or a food used with animal products, such as milk. The Press Association reported that 8% of children between […]

Global launch of Vegan Meat Giant

5 Min reading Impossible Foods has announced the global launch of its plant-based product Impossible Pork. Following its New York debut at celebrity chef David Chang’s Momofuku bar in New York City, Impossible Pork is set to roll out to restaurants across Hong Kong and the city’s largest supermarket chain, ParknShop, in October, before landing. […]

Sindhi food, vegan diet for Ranveer Singh: actor reveals this and more in question-and-answer session

Ranveer Singh, in his recent ask me anything on Instagram session, answered a few funny questions posed by his followers, which included everything from sports to his current favorite show, his favorite movie, whether early morning or night owl, and what he calls his wife Deepika Padukone, among others. (Photo: Instagram / @ ranveersingh) The […]

Heura turns the Spanish bullfighting arena into a launching pad for vegan meat

Reading time: 2 minutes Plant-based meat start-up Heura has launched two new vegan pork products: sausage and chorizo. But the launch was not typical; Heura showcased the meatless items in a Spanish bullfighting arena in an attempt to challenge cruel tradition. The launch of the arenas Heura presented the products at La Monumental, which was […]

Everything you need to know about a paleo vegan diet

There aren’t many aspects of Neanderthal life that suit our modern conveniences. (Rub two sticks together to start a fire? No, thank you.) However, there is one notable exception: the Paleo diet, a popular diet made up of foods eaten by our prehistoric ancestors. But with its reputation as a deli, is it possible to […]

The Benefits of a Vegan Diet – The Brock Press

Have you noticed a growing variety of “meatless meat” options in the grocery store or have you seen someone buy almond milk instead of regular milk, but you can’t explain why? Everywhere we look, more and more vegan and plant-based options have popped up. We look on Instagram and famous people are recreating vegan recipes, […]

An illustrated guide to the 8 essential vegan dishes in Philly

It’s easy to find great vegan food in Philly, but some dishes stand out from the rest. For exciting ingredients and compelling meat alternatives that are as affordable as they are delicious, here are the 7 Essential Vegan Dishes to Try in Philly, in pictured form. Gudeg and Oseng Tempeh Plate Hardena, 1754 S. Hicks […]

Men suffer 7 times more gas from a predominantly vegan diet, study finds

Reading time: 2 minutes Men who follow a predominantly plant-based diet emit more gas than men who follow a meat-based diet, according to a study. The results indicate that participants who ate mainly vegan foods had healthier gut bacteria and better colon health. The study Researchers assessed the role of diet in gut and digestive […]

Vegan meat appears on menus 1,320% more since 2020

If you’ve noticed more plant-based options on restaurant menus, it’s likely because the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated public interest in healthier foods, new research shows. An AI platform report To taste reveals that vegan meat substitutes present a $ 14 billion opportunity, concluding that plant-based meat is appearing on foodservice menus 1,320% more than before […]

Vegan meat sales in Spain soared 31% between 2019 and 2020, exceeding 86.5 million euros – vegconomist

An article published Monday in La Vanguaria reports that, according to recent data from the consulting firm Nielsen, vegetable companies in Spain achieved a turnover of 86.5 million euros in 2020, an increase of 31% compared to compared to 2019. Spanish brands are starting to make a splash and are having a serious impact on […]

How Eating a Vegan Diet Can Lower Your Cholesterol

What causes high cholesterol? Many different factors can contribute to high cholesterol, including genetics, age, gender, and conditions such as type 2 diabetes, liver or kidney disease. However, the main contributors to high cholesterol by far are diet and lifestyle. Eating too much saturated fat is a major contributor to high cholesterol. It is mainly […]

India’s first vegan meat company launches chicken and pork sausages to help the planet

Reading time: 2 minutes Blue Tribe, believed to be India’s first vegan meat company, has just launched plant-based pork and chicken sausages. The new products will join Blue Tribe’s existing line, which includes chicken keema and chicken nuggets. The items were introduced to Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula – known for their traditional chicken dishes. The […]

Vegan meat substitutes benefit the gut microbiome in a new study

Reading time: 2 minutes A recently published study on the impacts of alternatives to vegan meat on the gut microbiome has produced positive results. It took two groups of people and asked one to replace the weekly meat consumption with herbal alternatives. The result was that those who ate the vegan options had an increase […]

JINYA Ramen Bar Just Launched New Vegan Dishes

Popular Japanese chain JINYA Ramen Bar has just launched new vegan dishes, in addition to their already delicious and plentiful line of plant-based bites. Some of these new plates are part of a special limited-time chef’s menu, while others join the permanent menu. New vegan options at JINYA Ramen Bar There are four new vegan […]

5 meat swaps that aren’t vegan meat

In an average supermarket today, it’s easier than ever to find vegan products to complement your meals. It seems like there is a branded substitute for every type of dairy, meat, and egg you could possibly want. It’s a big step forward in encouraging more and more people to try a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. […]