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Hearty Vegan Dishes for Thanksgiving

For many of us, bringing friends and family together means cooking and sharing favorite meals, especially on Thanksgiving. And Thanksgiving hosts want to make sure everyone leaves the table satisfied. Even if the turkey is the main attraction at your celebration, with a few simple steps you can ensure that your vegetarian and vegan guests […]

Vegan dishes, comfort food and cocktails on the National Cafe’s new menu

It’s been almost nine months since Angie Wierzbinski and Amy Plennes took over The National Cafe, 839 W. National Ave. And, over the past few months, regular customers have likely noticed a number of subtle changes to the cafe itself, from new chairs to the addition of decorative elements like the welcoming redesigned gable that […]

Seven plant-based food startups serving vegan meat in Europe

Impossible Foods, the famed San Francisco-based creator of the veggie “rare burger,” has set its sights on Europe. The company applied to the European Food Standards Agency for a license to sell its famous ingredient, heme, which emulates taste of blood. In the seven years since its inception, the startup has seen its valuation skyrocket […]

Try Vegan Dishes From Baton Rouge This World Vegan Month

Try Vegan Dishes From Baton Rouge This World Vegan Month No, it’s not another Popeyes sandwich. It’s better: the Baddest Chik sandwich from Vegan Friendly Foods. Through Rachel Mipro @remroc15 Photograph by Taylor Moran November 5, 2019 Vegan food sometimes has a bad rap, with non-vegans often assuming it’s too restrictive or […]

Is vegan meat really healthy?

Vegan meat is hot. Major food companies like McDonald’s, Burger King, KFC, Subway and Nestlé are dipping their toes into the plant scene to meet growing demand. As vegan meat enters the mainstream market, it is attracting the attention of skeptics around the world. Is vegan meat healthy? Or is it as bad for you […]