13 new vegan food and drink products

In January 2021, more than half a million people said they would go vegan for a month, official says Vegan organization and it looks like that number will be higher for 2022. So it’s no surprise that the vegan product line continues to expand, with new launches every month. Here is a selection of new plant-based foods and drinks worth adding to your vegan diet this month and beyond.

1.Borna Foods mylks and pistachio butters

British company Borna Foods’ delicious pistachio, almond and cashew products have won numerous awards Great taste prices. Their range of fresh flavors includes premium nuts, artisan butters, and alternative nutritional milk drinks. Their range of nut butters has grown to include new tasty options like Cherry and Almond Butter and Strawberry and Pistachio Butter.

2.Mixed nuts butters

Nut Blend is another brand of premium healthy nut butter. Created by London entrepreneur Gabriella Block, who aimed to create gourmet products without depending on sugar, there are four flavors. Each contains no added sugar, sweeteners, palm oil or added salt. Nut Blend’s unique nut butters contain nothing but nuts and a pinch of natural spices. The range includes: cocoa butter, cashews and almonds, maca butter, pecans and almonds, coconut butter, macadamia and almonds and cinnamon butter, hazelnuts and almonds.

3.Delightfully Ella soups and sauces

One of the best-known plant-based food brands, Delicious Ella, continues to expand its line, with six new soups and sauces. The three new sauces are Roasted Red Pepper with Smoked Paprika, Miso Ginger, and Thai Yellow Curry. The soups come in three recipes: Super Greens with Fresh Greens, Cannellini Beans and Garlic, Cauliflower Curry with Creamy Coconut, Red Lentils and Sweet Apricots, and Smoked Sweet Corn with Sweet Potato, Red Peppers and Chili Peppers.

4.Tideford Organics Superfood soups

Tideford Organics has been making award-winning organic soups and sauces in Devon for almost 25 years and in 2016 they went fully vegan. A range of four “Superfood” soups has just been launched. Energizing red lentil, apricot + chili, revitalizing sweet potato, lentil + quinoa, soothing tomato + basil with red pepper and immunity Build Supergreens.

5.BANK seaweed crisps

Based in Wick, a remote community in the far north-east of Scotland, Shore creates 100% sustainable edible seaweed products. They hand-harvest seaweed all year round for their range of crisps, bunches, pestos and tapenades, all rich in nutrients including iodine, antioxidants and prebiotic fiber. New from last year was remarkably tasty seaweed crisps in three flavors: sea salt, sweet pepper and Peking.

6.Bio & Me Gourmet porridge and granola

Dr. Megan Rossi, aka the “Doctor of Gut Health” says that while granola is the healthy breakfast choice for most people, the reality is that not all granola is healthy. So she created her own food brand, Bio & Me, based on science, it is therefore truly nutritious and may make a “good for your gut” health claim. Low Sugar Vegan Granola made from 15 different types of natural plant-based foods and prebiotic fiber means it really boosts gut diversity. The Bio & Me range of granola includes Super Seeds & Nuts, Cocoa & Coconut, Apple & Cinnamon and Raspberry & Beetroot. They’re not only good for your gut, they’re really delicious too – highly recommended.

seven.Surrealist cereals

The all-new Surreal cereal line, launched this month by two former Vita Coco brand and sales managers, is based on children’s favorite cereals, made nutritionally balanced. Using ingredients high in plant protein, low in carbs, sugar free, vegan, gluten free, keto, this brilliant new breakfast line includes four options: cocoa, frosted, cinnamon and peanut.

8.The Great British Porridge Coporridge pots of.

The Great British Porridge Co launched a new flavor (apple and cinnamon) and introduced fully recyclable packaging. Their popular portable jars are available in classic chocolate, blueberry banana, and latte. Instant porridge is made from whole British oats, which is dairy free, plant based and has no added sugar, making it a healthy choice for breakfast. For instant porridge, they are surprisingly palatable.

9.Soul Fruit Dragon Fruit

The innovative new snack brand, Soul Fruit, launched healthy vegan dragon fruit snacks in January 2022. The latest super fruit, Dragon Fruit, contains healthy omega 3 and 6 as well as vitamins that boost the immune system. Soul Fruit snacks have no added sugar, are vegan and gluten free. Dragon fruit snacks are available in soft scaled and dried versions; both are delicious and will keep you from reaching for that unhealthy chocolate bar.

ten.Human food nutritional bars

Billed as the world’s first organic daily nutrition rar, Human Food bars each contain 21 organic whole foods in each bite and 21 plant-based vitamins and minerals in each bar. They are great for immune support and weight control and great for pre and post workout training. Available in five flavors: Goji Berry, Mixed Nuts, Orange and Acerola, Turmeric and Spirulina.

11.Lindt CLASSIC RECIPE Vegan Smooth and Lindt CLASSIC RECIPE Vegan Hazelnut. £ 3.00

Internationally renowned premium chocolate producer Lindt & Sprüngli has just launched two delicious vegan bars for Veganuary 2022: Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan Smooth and Lindt Classic Recipe Vegan Hazelnut. Carefully crafted by Lindt master chocolate makers, following traditional Swiss recipes, these bars use only the highest quality ingredients for a delicious, plant-based treat.

12.VIDA vegan wines

Vegan wines have come a long way in recent years and the new online wine merchant Vida has a stellar range of vegan products from Central and Eastern Europe. Three delicious sparkling vegan rosés to try are Hochdeutsch Rosé Blossom 2020, Weingut Strehn Shikimiki Brut 2020 and Martin Pasler Frizzante Schwerelos Rosé 2020.

13.French flower

Another sparkling rosé to brighten up a dull January is French Bloom, a refreshing organic, vegan Rosé Prosecco DOC, created by famous winemaker Marzio Pol. This new launch is actually alcohol free but you would never know it. This excellent new brand of sparkling wine was founded by Maggie and Rodolphe Frerejean-Taittinger of the Taittinger family and model Constance Jablonski.