10 vegan food gifts you can have delivered to yourself for the holidays

Food gifts are often considered luxury items, but sometimes it can be fun to receive indulgence. Plus, many of these food gifts last – baked goods can be frozen for months, wine subscriptions keep coming in, and homemade jams are called preserves for a reason. A box of homemade cookies is always a nice gesture, but if you’re looking to give a little extra this year, any of these mouthwatering vegan food gifts are sure to put a smile on everyone’s face. From gourmet chocolates to vegan meal subscriptions, here are 10 Outstanding Edible Vegan Gifts For Everyone On Your List.


1 Vegan Ice Cream Pint Club

Before the pandemic, the idea of ​​shipping ice cream seemed absurd. Thanks to packaging innovation (and dry ice), frozen foods can withstand — uh — overnight travel. While that sounds a bit extravagant (okay, it totally is), it also offers a way to support small vegan businesses even when you live in five states. Companies like Salt and Straw, NadaMoo, Eclipse, and Frankie & Jo’s all ship packs of their vegan ice cream – the latter even offers a subscription pint club. Hopefully your recipient will share a pint or two.
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2 Gourmet vegan chocolates

Vegan chocolate can be found anywhere, but when it’s given as a gift, it has to be refined. We’re talking ornate packaging, delicate chocolate art, and decadent toppings. There are several luxury vegan chocolatiers out there, but for a start try Casse-Cou, Nhiar Chocolates, or Lagusta’s Luscious. Forget the candy canes, vegan truffles really bring out the joy of the season.
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3Vegan cheese subscription

Ever since vegan cheese went from the chewy substance of yesteryear to the divine food it is today, there have been some vegan cheese addicts. Many local vegan cheese shops offer memberships, but if your area is short of plant-based cheese makers, trust SriMu. The Ritz Carlton of vegan cheese, this artisanal vegan business offers both subscriptions and unique vacation boxes of the funkiest, most complex, and mouth-watering cheeses money can buy. It might sound like overkill, but a bite of this cheese and you will have it.
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VegNews.SipandShareSip and share wines

4 Vegan wine club

Save your giveaway the hassle of scrolling through Barnivore.com by gifting them a box of vegan wines. There are several options: there is the subscription wine club option or the one-time gift option. We recommend that you consult Winc for a personalized subscription, Vegan Wines for its one-time purchase Macaron & Wine Bundle and Sip & Share Wines for its virtual SipSerpiences (it comes with a sample pack of four or seven wines). Cheers!
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VegNews.StickyFingersSticky Fingers Bakery

5 DIY cookie decorating kits

It’s good to love to decorate but not to love to cook. For that person, a cookie, cupcake or brownie decorating kit is the perfect gift. Try Erin McKenna’s Gingerbread Men Kit for a gluten-free option or Sticky Fingers Bakery for an assortment of drool-worthy cupcake, brownie and sandwich decorating kits. No judgment if you find the ingredients half eaten before you start assembling. This peanut butter frosting is pretty darn good.
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VegNews.PlantbellyVegetable belly

6 Subscription to the virtual vegan market

Get ready, because there is a strong possibility of tumbling down the rabbit hole with this gift. Virtual vegan markets are like stepping into a supermarket only filled with vegan items with the added addiction of an endless scroll. From novelty products to local brands, the options are fascinating. Get yourself a gift card or membership at one of these digital malls (we’re big fans of GTFO and PlantBelly) or purchase a themed, curated bundle of goodies. You can’t go wrong here!
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VegNews.PurplecarrotPurple carrot

7 Vegan meal kit

In the spring of 2021, we tried 14 different meal kits. From frozen to pre-fab to DIY, you can find a full report of our thoughts here. We believe there is a meal kit for everyone, which means there is a meal kit for everyone on your shopping list.
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VegNews.ProspectJamProspect Jam Co

8 Fancy vegan condiments

We all know the stores – the welcoming boutiques full of everything you never thought you needed – from candles and stationery to jars of handcrafted jellies, nut butter and hot sauce and local. The number of times we’ve actually bought something at these stops is zero to zero, but that doesn’t mean we don’t secretly crave these products. Here are some luxury items to finally add to your cart: Canned Red Pears from Prospect Jam Co with spices and gingerbread molasses, a tin of Special Fall Seed and Grinder Halva, Butter OmMade Chai Nirvana peanut, Nine Mile’s Trinity hot sauces and maple infused with Runamok Syrups.
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VegNews.GisellesGiselles Vegan cuisine

9 Vegan baked goods

From a box of quarter-pound cookies to flaky, oven-fresh croissants, anyone with a semblance of a sweet tooth will melt into a box of expertly prepared vegan baked goods. A number of vegan bakeries have perfected their shipping game nationwide, but here are a few places to start: VegNews Pink Karma Box from Karma Baker, Mystical Box from Giselle’s Vegan Kitchen, croissants from L’artisan Creative Bakery and pan Vegan Soy Concha Dulce.
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VegNews.StereoscopecafeStereoscope Cafe

ten Exceptional coffee or tea

No coffee grounds are the same, just like all varieties of tea have a unique taste. For the coffee or tea snob, a bag of high-quality loose coffee or tea beans is the perfect gift. Start with your recipient’s favorite coffee or tea to see if they are selling their own products. Otherwise, try Reborn Coffee, Stereoscope, or The Te Spa.
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