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The social media platform for herbal food options around the world, Abillion, has just launched its 2021 Singapore’s 50 Best Vegan Food Awardss, organized from more than 40,000 opinions on 16,000 dishes. The launch reflects a growing herbal restoration movement in the city-state.

In Asia, the vegetarian diet is not a new trend. Four of the top five global vegetarian markets are based in Asia Pacific. From 2018, India had the largest vegetarian population in the world (390 million, or 38% of its population), followed by Indonesia (66.9 million), China (51.9 million) and Pakistan ( 33.2 million). Asia also has a long history of imitating meat. But as meat and dairy substitutes become mainstream, food stores are supporting the plant-based movement by introducing alternative protein options like Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods into their menus. The global meat substitutes industry is worth $ 20.7 billion and is expected to reach $ 23.2 billion by 2024, according to Euromonitor, a market research company.

Going herbal is considered the “only greater measure“People can take to reduce their individual carbon footprint by up to 73%, according to researchers at the University of Oxford. Here in Singapore, the city was voted the most vegan by PETA Asia in 2016 (behind Taipei, Taiwan), the plant movement is gaining momentum. Informal restaurants tend to have a wide range of options that cater to the city’s large vegetarian Buddhist and Hindu population. The desire for alternatives to meat and dairy products is also driven by concerns about animal welfare, health and the environment.

Singapore-based biotechnology company TurtleTree Labs and the winners of The 2020 quality of life challenge, advocates the path of lab-grown milk as an alternative to cow’s milk, while the Singapore Food Agency approved lab-grown meat for human consumption in March.

According to abillion, more than two-thirds of its users don’t identify as vegans, but it’s clear consumers are demanding more plant-based options. Over 500 restaurants in Singapore currently offer vegan and vegetarian dining options to cater for full-time and part-time veg with over half of the food outlets featured in this top ten offering hybrid menus.

So what’s on the top ten menu?

1. The Kind Pho by The Kind Bowl

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This plant-based version of the signature Vietnamese chicken soup is served with silky flat rice noodles in a spicy umami broth. His grated and marinated “chicken-free” seitan is made with wheat gluten and served with grilled oyster mushrooms, sprouts, fresh herbs and lime. Customer @mariatirador attests to his billion-plus authenticity: “I tasted like pho chicken as I remember it. ”

2. VeganBurg Singapore Chilli Crab Burger

VeganBurg Singapore, Bedok, Singapore, Chili Krab Burger Burger, Fast Food, Vegan Notice

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Alexandre Tan, founder of Veganburg, said that when he brought the first 100% plant-based burger restaurant to Singapore, his clientele was 70% vegetarian. Today, 80% of its customers are non-vegetarians, a testament to Singapore’s growing interest in plant-based meals. An ode to a local favorite, this burger consists of a crispy patty topped with a tangy and sweet crab sauce, served with Romanian lettuce, cilantro and a generous scoop of creamy vegan aioli.

3. Unagi Maki by Herbivore

Herbivore, Rochor, Singapore, Japanese Unagi Maki, sushi, vegetarian review

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Established with the vision of creating Singapore’s first fully vegetarian restaurant, Herbivore serves an exciting range of Japanese and Western fusion cuisine. Unagi maki offers a convincing plant-based alternative to a fish-based maki. “I don’t know how they do it, but the unagi is super tasty, sweet but salty, and just the right amount of crunch to complement the moistness of the rice,” says @aishahalattas over a billion.

4. Mexican Fajita Wrap by Genius Central

Genius Central Singapore, Outram, Singapore, Mexican Fajita Wrap Magazine

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Reviewed by renowned Singaporean food blogger Seth Lui, Genius Central “serves honest dishes, prepared with the greatest care and finesse”. It’s food packs highly nutritious and organic ingredients into their herbal menu. Their Mexican wrap features a variety of fresh guacamole, tomato and corn salsas, and crispy chunks of potatoes with a homemade smoky Mexican sauce.

5. Katzoo from Sunny Slices

Sunny Slices, Singapore, Katzoo Pizza, Plant Based, Fast Food Review

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Sunny Slices offers a tasty vegan alternative to dairy pizza using fresh veggies and plant-based Impossible meat to recreate favorite Italian dishes. The Katzoo is topped with their homemade bulldog vegan nori sauce, sesame seeds, chunks of Katsu ‘chicken’, white cabbage and vegan kewpie mayonnaise. Customer @sarahcyh gives it five stars out of a billion and writes: “I can’t say enough good things about this !!… I LOVE Kewpie Vegan Mayo !!!!”

6. Plant Power Breakfast by Privé

Private Asian Civilizations Museum, Downtown Core, Singapore, Plant Power Breakfast pizza, Chinese, Italian, Western, Fusion, Asian, Cafe, Vegan, International, Vegetarian, Asian Fusion, Pasta, Casual, American, Salad, Restaurant, Bakery, Burger, brunch, snack, drinks, snack review

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Singapore Private Group is working to increase its plant-based menu options to meet the demand of vegetarians and meat eaters. “The plant-based breakfast was created to provide a delicious plant-based alternative to the usual large, meat-focused breakfast plates served in cafes.” Yuan Oeij, owner and chairman of Privé Group, said billion. “I am delighted that vegans and omnivores have adopted this dish.”

7. Veganlicious by Shake Farm

Shake Farm, Outram, Singapore, Veganlicious healthy, salad, coffee, acai, sandwiches, smoothie, organic, fresh, breakfast, western, pasta, vegetarian, juice review

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With a delicious variety of workout shakes and homemade salads, Shake Farm caters to plant-based fitness junkies and is conveniently located in the heart of Singapore’s central business district. For those looking for a dose of protein, this colorful bowl is filled with baby spinach, tricolor quinoa, sweet and smoked roasted carrots and squash, red ions, cherry tomatoes, mixed seeds, dried cranberries. , beet hummus and lemon vinaigrette. The @wordpainterx customer over a billion additions. “I was especially impressed with the Handcrafted Handcrafted Smoked Paprika Cashew Cheese by Nut Culture, which was perfectly creamy, rich and flavorful!”

8. Kimchi Jigae from The Boneless Kitchen

The Boneless Kitchen, Toa Payoh, Singapore, Kimchi Jjigae (Spicy and Sour Kimchi Stew) Korean, Casual, Soup Reviews

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If you are a fan of Korean food, be sure to check out The Boneless Kitchen which recreates traditional Korean recipes without animals. Additionally, it is a socially inclusive workplace that hires employees with special needs. Customer @fxk on abillion writes, “The family loved it. Boneless cuisine serves delicious Korean-style dishes. They are vegetarians and extremely vegans.

9. Afterglow Kimchi Avo Rolls by Afterglow

Afterglow By Anglow, Outram, Singapore, Afterglow Kimchi Avo Rolls Vegan, Vegetarian, Healthy Review

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It is this flagship dish that convinced the owners of Afterglow to fully realize their restaurant. Fermented for seven days, this maki roll is paired with coarsely ground almonds – a creative, carbohydrate-free substitute for rice. It’s also topped with creamy avocado, sesame seeds and the restaurant’s homemade chili sauce. “My non-vegan friend said she would come back and order five plates.” said @shinghui on a billion.

10. Vegan Protein Bowl by Avorush

Avorush, Downtown Core, Singapore, Healthy Vegan Protein Bowl, Salad, Australian Review

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As its name suggests, this healthy restaurant is for avocado fans. After being on the list for two years in a row, the Australia-based food company seeks to share the bottom food choices without compromising flavor and health. One of their co-founders even doubles as the restaurant’s nutritionist. “This place won one of our 50 Best Vegan Foods of 2020 and they haven’t slowed down the introduction of amazing new vegan options like Spicy Edamame and Spicy Bulgar. And of course the spicy Cajun tofu which is always absolutely divine! says abilliard founder @vikas.