1 in 5 people will enjoy vegan dishes as part of their 2021 Christmas dinner

A new set of findings from a festive survey released today (December 8) by the Vegan Society found that one in five Britons will incorporate vegan dishes and desserts into their Christmas dinner this year.

In a survey[1], in which respondents were asked to describe their 2021 Christmas dinner plans, 16% revealed that they would eat a more traditional meat-based meal, but incorporate vegan options while 3% said they would eat a more traditional meat-based meal, but incorporate vegan options while 3% said they were in favor of a fully vegetarian menu that includes plenty of vegan options and 1% say they will eat a fully vegan or plant-based Christmas dinner.

In total, this means that 20% of us will enjoy some sort of vegan meal or dish during the holiday season.

The second investigation[2], who looked at the inspiration behind people’s decisions, found that the majority (42%) were deliberately trying to reduce the amount of meat and dairy products they ate, while 37% were trying to improve their health.

Interestingly, perhaps as a result of the COP26 conference in Glasgow and growing evidence of the environmental benefits of a vegan diet, an additional 24% say concerns about climate change have encouraged them to go vegans or introduce dishes. vegans, while the same number (24%) are keen to try something new.

Other reasons to update the Christmas table offerings this year include concerns about potential food shortages linked to Brexit and the pandemic and not being able to get the meat and dairy products they want ( 14%), with 13% saying they find vegan foods more profitable, and an additional 13% saying they prefer the taste of plant-based products. For 31% of those surveyed, this will be the very first time they have incorporated some type of vegan food or dish into their Christmas dinner. For 32% it will be their second year and for 13% it has been more than 5 years. Four percent say they’ve always enjoyed a fully vegan Christmas or had vegan options available.

So what are the types of vegan meals that people are planning to include this year? Which are they desperate to try? And which ones will require a little more work in the kitchen?

The three dishes that people are most eager to cook or try are vegan meat substitutes, like seitan, tempeh or chicken, roasted potatoes, and nut roast. vegan dessert while 13% admit they fear recreating a vegan cheese board.

When it comes to buying vegan Christmas food and drink, respondents were asked to select their three most important factors. Over half (52%) indicated taste, followed by price and affordability (42%). Interestingly, more than a quarter of Britons (27%) say that each product’s carbon footprint is what matters most to them.

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